Practical Guidance Concerning Short Sales

With the recent collapse of the real estate market, property values have plummeted. Many homes are now "underwater," meaning that the value of the home is less than the outstanding balance of the mortgage and there is no equity.

When a home is underwater and the homeowner is unable to keep up with payments, it may be possible to negotiate a short sale and avoid being held liable for any remaining mortgage debt after the sale of your home.

At Panaggio Law, our Massachusetts law firm, we are experienced at negotiating with lenders to help our clients get out from under overwhelming debt. To discuss your mortgage and foreclosure concerns in a consultation with an experienced lawyer, simply give us a call. We have offices in Fall River and Newton.

Helping You Through The Short Sale Process

Getting a short sale can seem like a daunting process. You must complete financial paperwork, similar to when you applied for your mortgage. Also, everything must be approved by your bank. You may have a suitable buyer lined up, only to find that the bank rejects his or her offer.

We can guide you through the short sale process. We are skilled negotiators who can act as your advocate with your lender. We will work diligently so that you can get out from under your mortgage and get the fresh start you need.

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