Walking With You Through The Divorce Process

DivorceDivorce can run the gamut of simple, uncontested and amicable to complex and contested, with child custody and other sensitive matters.

At Panaggio Law, we understand that the material issues in every divorce are unique, and that high-quality legal counsel must comprehensively consider all the legal and human factors involved. We believe that clients should feel comfortable in an office environment that facilitates full and frank discussion of all the interrelated factors involved in a divorce.

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Working With You To Find The Way Forward

When you meet with us, you will find that we listen attentively to what you really want the future to look like for your family. By taking the time to understand your underlying concerns, our attorneys can shape a settlement proposal that will work best for everyone involved both presently and in the years to come.

Our representation includes:

Financial concerns such as dividing marital property fairly, spousal support and child support calculations must be based on an honest appraisal of asset value, income and net worth of the spouses.

We work with a network of professionals to help us determine the true value of your marital assets, income and property. We develop fair proposals for settlement negotiations, and will advocate diligently for your best interests if a settlement cannot be reached out of court.

We Are Ready To Be Your Family Law Firm For Life

Throughout your divorce process, you will find us open to your concerns, responsive to your needs and available to talk when you need your lawyer to listen.

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