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When an individual cannot make decisions, due to incapacitation or disability, the court can appoint an individual to make decisions on his or her behalf. For decisions involving health and welfare, a guardian is appointed. For financial decisions, a conservator is appointed.

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Is It Necessary To Appoint A Conservator In Your Case?

When a person is unable to make decisions on his or her own, and no power of attorney is in place, the court can appoint a conservator to make financial decisions. This includes paying bills, handling investments, or buying and selling real estate.

Frequently, conservatorships become necessary when an elderly individual becomes ill or disabled. Without an estate plan in place, you will need to work through the courts in order to pay bills and sell assets to pay for medical costs.

We can assist you with the process of becoming a conservator. Our attorneys can also advise you about your rights and responsibilities as a conservator. We will provide you with the information you need so you can make informed decisions regarding your loved one's finances.

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